Rise of Fashion "ecopreneurship"? A combination of the words ‘eco’ and ‘entrepreneurship’, here the focus is on enterprises that combine fashion business with environmental and climate impact.
Rethink and solve a specific environmental problem through sustainable fashion business armed with innovative ideas.
Innovative high impact fashion solutions for environmental and climate challenges for a better circular world.
Sustainable circular ideas and concepts from nature in order to improve our lives.
Economy implies a completely regenerative global trade and supply chain that does not use up any finite resources. The goal is to keep the value of every product, part and ultimately every material as high as possible, so they can be repaired, reprocessed and reused instead of having to go to waste.
QISHMA Concept

Eco-efficiency and Eco-effectiveness,

A product is eco-efficient if material and energy are saved and pollutants reduced throughout the entire life cycle.

Eco-effectiveness goes even further and aims to create circular resource flows.